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Would you like to be listed in the EzFind Web Design Directory? Are you a web designer or a web design firm? If so, listings are free in the EzFind Web Design Directory.

Note that only web designers and web design firms are accepted. Of course, acceptance is at the sole descretion of the EzFind Web Design Directory.

Also note that all fields are required. Please submit this form only if you are willing to give complete geographical information. The more detailed your geographical information, the easier it will be to accept your listing.

Some of the things that hurt your chances of being accepted by the EzFind Web Design Directory include pages under construction, long descriptions that are unclear and unfocused, high redundancy descriptions that make it obvious that you intend keyword spamming, and descriptions that are a copy and paste from your website.

Another way to hurt your chances for acceptance is to do multiple submissions for the same site.

Fill out the form below if you wish to apply for a free listing in the EzFind Web Design Directory.

It takes time for your application to be evaluated and accepted. Today, the day this is being written, is December 3, 2009. Applications from September 12, 2009, are now being evaluated.

Typically, applications are evaluated in batches every few weeks or so. If you want to know whether or not your application has been looked at, keep a record of the day you apply. Check back here to see changes to the above dates. This way, you will know if it is too soon to be concerned that your application has been rejected.

If the slowness of the evaluation process is unacceptable to you, you may wish to consider a paid listing.

Of course, neither a free listing application nor a paid listing application guarantees that your application will be accepted. Please understand and accept this before applying. The EzFind Web Design Directory will not last long if it is overly generous in accepting submissions.

Please help us maintain the quality and standards of the EzFind Web Design Directory.

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